What/Who is XXRIDE?

XXRIDE is a Ride-hailing App.

Benefits of XXRIDE for Riders

Riders use transportation on daily basis when it comes to business people or regular customers using other Competitors Apps and they pay a lot for transportation, XXRIDE came with a solution which is offering the same rides at a more affordable rate.

Where is the company from?

XXRIDE has officially launched from Dubai and is currently operating in many different cities.

Is it a legal Company?

XXRIDE is licensed and approved by the Road and Transport Authority in Dubai (RTA).

What is the benefit of XXRIDE? Why should we use XXRIDE?

XXRIDE offers luxury rides at a more affordable rate and has a feature called instant ride in which you can benefit from.

What is instant ride?

With instant ride, if there is a driver around you and you would like to use it instead of having to wait – approach the driver and if he was an XXRIDE approved driver, scan the QR Code from the profile and you can take the ride immediately.

More affordable rate?

At all times.

Are the apps available on stores?

The apps are available on both Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Which app should I download?
  1. If you are a Rider, download XXRIDE
  2. If you are a Driver, download XXRIDE Driver
How can I sign up/register?

 As a Rider, you need a valid email address and mobile number. You may use an international number as long as the number is active to receive SMS (OTP).

How to request a ride?

 Once the app is open, select your pick-up location (the app will automatically detect your current location) – in case you would like to have a different location then type the new location

    1. Select the drop-off location
    2. Select the type of ride
    3. Add your card to use it as a payment method (if not added earlier), or you may also choose the Apple Pay or Cash option
    4. Click on ride now
    5. Once the driver arrives, share the OTP and your trip will start
Does XXRIDE have monthly packages?

 XXRIDE does not have monthly packages.

Does XXRIDE have a Car Lift?

 XXRIDE operates only through the app. You can only book us through the XXRIDE app.

Can we use XXRIDE from other Emirates?

 XXRIDE currently operates all over the United Arab Emirates.

Can I take an XXRIDE outside Dubai?

 Yes, you can.

What are the payment methods?

 Card payments (International and National Cards are accepted), Apple Pay and Cash.

Does XXRIDE have cash payments?

 Yes, XXRIDE has started accepting cash payments in September 2023.

What ride categories does XXRIDE have?

XXRIDE has Five ride categories:

  1. Select
  2. Luxury
  3. XXXL
  4. Family
  5. Electric
What type of cars are under each category?
  1. Select – Lexus Es-Series, Toyota Previa, Toyota Highlander, Mazda CX9, Honda Odyssey, GAC GA8, infinity QX-Series and Q-Series, Genesis, Kia Cadenza, Kia Carnival Audi A6, BMW 5-Series – Cars ranging from 2011 until 2020
  2. Luxury – Lexus Es-series, GAC GA8, Audi, BMW, Toyota Highlander, Mazda CX9, Kia Cadenza, Kia Telluride – Cars ranging from 2023 until 2024
  3. XXXL – GMC Yukon, Chevrolet Suburban, Chevrolet Tahoe, Mercedes-Benz V-Class, Chevrolet Traverse L, Toyota Landcruiser, Kia Telluride – Cars Ranging from 2017-2023
  4. Family – Any car that has a baby seat
  5. Electric – Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model X or any other Electric Car Brand
Capacity of each category
  1. Select – 4 Passengers
  2. Luxury – 4 Passengers
  3. XXXL – 4 to 7 Passengers
  4. Family – 3 to 4 Passengers
  5. Electric – 4 Passengers
I have been charged for a trip in which I did not take

XXRIDE does not charge the customer before the trip is completed. The system automatically checks the availability of the balance and holds the amount, if the trip is cancelled/not taken, the system will immediately release the amount. You may check your online banking as sometimes you do not receive a refund message by SMS.

I have been charged more for the trip

Depending on the invoice, most of the cases are extra waiting charges while being stuck in traffic only and not while waiting for the driver to arrive to your pick-up location.

How does waiting charges occur?

Waiting time only starts after the OTP has been entered and get active when the car is driving below 10 Kms/h or is in full stop motion.

Taking time for the money to be refunded?

It depends on the bank. Can take from 1 min to 3 working days to show in the bank statement. However, sometimes it might not show in the bank statement as well but funds where never captured by XXRIDE.

Does XXRIDE have advanced booking?

XXRIDE currently does not have advanced booking. Only airport pick-up booking arrangements.

Does XXRIDE have multiple stop option?

XXRIDE currently does not have multiple stop options. Feature to be added soon.

Can a Customer Service agent assist in the estimated fare amount?

An XXRIDE Customer Service agent cannot assist in the estimated fare amount as the customer needs to put the exact pick-up location and drop-off locations in order to get an estimated amount for his/her trip which is done through the app. Fares may also vary depending on the time of the day and the type of the ride chosen.

How is the trip/fare calculated?

XXRIDE charges Base fare, Fare per km and waiting charges/airport charges/toll gates/city change charge (if applicable)

I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

In the sign-in page:

  1. Click on Sign in
  2. Enter email address, then
  3. Click on Forgot Password
  4. OTP sent to your email, Enter OTP and new password
I forgot my username, how can I reset it?

Contact XXRIDE customer service either by email at info@xxride.com or by WhatsApp or calling at +971545946998

I did not receive an OTP when I clicked on reset

I did not receive an OTP when I clicked on reset

Check your spam box, if it is not there, reset the password one more time.

Can I delete my account?

Yes, you can delete your account at any time.

How can I delete my account?

By going to your profile and clicking on delete.

How can I check my trip history?

In the menu section, click on Your Trips.

How can I add my Bank card?

In the menu section, click on Payment then add card.

Where can I check my trip receipt?

In the menu section, click on Your Trips, select a past trip made, click on View Receipt

Does the app automatically detect my location?

The app will only detect your location if you allow it to.

Can I communicate with the driver that accepts my ride?

Yes, by calling the diver or by messaging him through the app

Is there an emergency feature in the app?

Once on a ride, there is S.O.S button in red that will show in the app

How can I raise a dispute?

Raise a dispute from the past trip details in your menu

I lost an item in the car, how can I report it?

Send a request “Lost items” from trip history in your menu

How can I add my favorite location?

Go to Settings in the menu and add the locations in Favorites

How can I check the current offers/discounts?

From Notification Manager in the menu.