What/Who is XXRIDE?

XXRIDE is a Ride-sharing (Ride-hailing) App.

Benefits of XXRIDE for Drivers

XXRIDE takes 20% commission from Drivers from the trip fare of each completed ride (the best in the market never change). 

Where is the company from?

XXRIDE is originally from the UK however, we have launched from Dubai and are currently operating from Dubai only.

Is it a legal Company?

XXRIDE is licensed and approved by the Road and Transport Authority in Dubai (RTA).

What is the benefit of XXRIDE? Why should the driver use XXRIDE?

XXRIDE takes only 20% commission from Drivers whereas other competitors are charging 25-45%.

XXRIDE has a feature called instant ride in which the driver can utilize and benefit from. If they have personal customers without a prior booking, Instant ride will provide an immediate booking.

What is instant ride?

Immediate ride without the need for the customer to order a ride.  The driver will scan the QR Code of the customer from the profile, put the destination and confirm it providing an immediate booking. Alternative usage of that feature is for customers who do not have cash and would like to pay by card machine (in case the driver does not have card machine).

Are the apps available on stores?

The apps are available on both Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Which app should I download?

  1. If you are a Rider, download XXRIDE
  2. If you are a Driver, download XXRIDE Driver

How can the driver sign up/register?

The driver will need valid documents such as: RTA Work Permit Card, Driving License, Emirates ID and Vehicle Registration Card. After reviewing and verifying your documents, we will send you a confirmation email.

What Documents are required to be uploaded?

  1. ID Front Side – Emirates ID
  2. ID Back Side – Emirates ID
  3. License Front – Driving License
  4. License Back – Driving License
  5. Government Card Front – RTA Work Permit Card
  6. Government Card Back – RTA Work Permit Card
  7. Vehicle Registration Front – Card
  8. Vehicle Registration Back – Card
  9. Car Photo (Front) – Must show plate number with the car
  10. Profile Picture – Photo of himself/herself without Mask and Sunglasses

What type of cars can be registered?

For Dubai Drivers, any car that is registered under a Limousine company and/or approved by the RTA.

What ride categories does XXRIDE have?

XXRIDE has five ride categories:

  1. Select
  2. Luxury
  3. XXXL
  4. Family
  5. Electric

Under which category can I register my car?

  1. Select – Lexus Es-Series, Toyota Previa, Toyota Highlander, Mazda CX9, Honda Odyssey, GAC GA8, infinity QX-Series and Q-Series, Genesis, Kia Cadenza, Kia Carnival Audi A6, BMW 5-Series – Cars ranging from 2016 until 2020
  2. Luxury – Lexus Es-series, GAC GA8, Audi, BMW, Toyota Highlander, Mazda CX9, Kia Cadenza, Kia Telluride – Cars ranging from 2021 until 2023
  3. XXXL – GMC Yukon, Chevrolet Suburban, Chevrolet Tahoe, Mercedes-Benz V-Class, Chevrolet Traverse L, Toyota Landcruiser, Kia Telluride – Cars Ranging from 2017-2023
  4. Family – Any car that has a baby seat
  5. Electric – Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model X

Oldest model that can be registered?

The year 2017 models are the oldest that can be approved.

Can we use XXRIDE to pick up customers from other Emirates?

XXRIDE currently only operates FROM Dubai to other Emirates. You can pick up the passenger from Dubai to the rest of the Emirates.

Will XXRIDE be available in other Emirates any time?

XXRIDE will be available by beginning of 2023 in the rest of the UAE.

Does XXRIDE have cash payments?

No, XXRIDE only has card payments at the moment.

How to accept a ride and start it?

1. Once you receive a notification for a ride, accept the ride
Drive to the pick-up point
Once you arrive, click on arrived
Once the customer sits in your car, enter the OTP which has been provided to the customer in their app
Once the OTP is entered, the trip will start
Once arrived to the drop-off location, end the trip and enter number of tolls you have passed (if any)

Where can I add my bank account details?

You can add your bank account by going to the wallet in the menu section and on the top right side you will find a symbol of two arrows on top of each other, click on it and then add & save your bank details. 

Can we enter our personal account in the app?

For drivers in UAE, XXRIDE accepts personal bank accounts to be added only if a driver belonging to a limousine company in UAE has submitted an original NOC to XXRIDE office. For drivers in other countries, it may depends on the country rules and regulations.

When does XXRIDE transfer the money?

XXRIDE transfers the earnings of each driver every Monday.

Does XXRIDE have minimum transfer balance?

XXRIDE has a minimum transferring balance of AED 50 per NOC driver or AED 500 per fleet.

Are there transfer charges?

The bank charges and XXRIDE charges are applicable to every transaction.

What type of insurance should I have?

Your insurance should be valid and as per the law of the country and city you are in.

Am I allowed to be accompanied while after accepting a request from XXRIDE?

For safety and comfort measures, a companion is not allowed.

Am I allowed to share my account with another driver?

You are not allowed to share your account with another driver. The moment we are notified or flagged; the account will immediately be suspended.

How can I contact XXRIDE Driver Support?

By either visiting our office, calling us or sending us a WhatsApp at +97142959942.

A XXRIDE passenger left an item behind

Inform XXRIDE team immediately and we will connect you with the passenger in order to return it back.

I cannot sign in

  1. First – Check your internet connectivity
  2. Second – Check that you have entered your correct email (only correct email will take you to enter your password)
  3. If the above did not work then it means you have entered the wrong information. In this case, kindly contact us and provide us with your registered mobile number and our team will assist you.

How can I update a rejected document?

1. Enter to your profile and edit documents
Each document has a status, edit the rejected document

How can I change my documents after sign up?

1. Enter to your profile and edit documents
2. Edit
 the document you wish to change

Will my account go back to pending status after changing a document?

The account will automatically go back to Pending for Approval Status and you will not be able to receive rides until the documents have been verified and approved.

How can I change my car?

From your profile, edit vehicle details in which will automatically reject your current vehicle documents and will require you to upload the new vehicle documents.

Are there any ride cancellation fees on Drivers?

XXRIDE may charge the base fare of the ride as the cancellation fees after 5 mins of accepting the trip.